MY2013 prototype panniers

In 2013 I went to 9000 km motorcycle trip to Armenia with my Yamaha XT660Z Tenere with original Yamaha luggage system. During this trip, both my side panniers broke, one from simple fallover and another from vibration. During this trip I saw first time Tark pannier prototypes on Randel’s bike.

For 2014 I purchased my own Tark prototypes and used them first time for 7000 km trip to Croatia. In 2015 I did 15000 km trip to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan. Road conditions were so bad, that my bike’s rear shock failed. And despite very tough conditions and several crashes, Tark panniers survived all this. My prototype panniers had some issues with lid locking system not working properly and missing lid seals allowed dust to enter panniers. But most important feature of the concept worked flawlessly - panniers were unbreakable and flexible material survived all crashes.

Erki Palusoo, Yamaha XT660Z Tenere
I have used one prototype of TARK panniers for some years now, tripped with them from Estonia to Scotland (8000 km) and to Greece (9000 km). I like their narrow design, light weight and flexible material, so for one thing I know they will not break my legs, if I happen to fall with the bike, which I occasionally do. The only thing is that this old pair of panniers tends to let some dust in on gravel roads, but otherwise TARK panniers have never let me down.

Pärle Raud, BMW F650GS

Tark Adventure comment:
We changed lid locking system design completely for next prototype model to avoid this problem (lid lock not engaging hook). Also is pannier collar redesigned and we use now proper D-type rubber seal to avoid dust issue for serial panniers.

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