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Core of the UNO panniers concept is flexibility – panniers, that will not deform like aluminum panniers or break like plastic panniers when you hit something or crash, but flex and absorb the impact force, saving your legs and your bike. And survive to continue your Adventure. To provide you convenience and easy usability of hard panniers and be as tough, light and unbreakable as soft panniers. A smart solution. Panniers come in three sizes: Ultra-narrow 150mm wide Small (29L), Compact 190mm wide Medium (37L) and Roomy 230mm wide Large (45L).

  • Height: 480 mm
  • Length: 460 mm
  • Width from pannier rack surface:
    190 mm (M) or 240 mm (L)
  • Width: 220 mm (M) or 270mm (L)
  • Volume: 37 liters (M) or 48 liters (L)
  • Set Weight: 6,2 kg
    (2 panniers + 2 mounting platforms)



  • 2x UNO pannier
  • 8x stainless steel strap loops on lids
  • 8x pannier sliders/feet
  • 2x carry handle
  • 2x plunger locks
  • 2x locking keys
  • 2x headlamp mounts under pannier lid
  • 2x mounting platform
  • 8x stainless steel pannier frame U-bolts
  • 8x stainless steel pannier frame brackets
  • 16x M6 flat head nut


Confirmed compatibility with following pannier frames: Touratech, Hepco&Becker, Givi
Expected compatibility: SW Motech
Needs additional adapter brackets: BMW 1200GSW OEM, BMW 800GSA OEM
Not compatible: N/A yet


Looking nice is always important. But there’s more in design than you can see from first look. Lower outside corner has a cutout to increase your bikes possible lean angle so you don’t have to slow down when you have most fun. That also helps to increase pannier volume and lower center of gravity.
Pannier is made narrower in bottom than at opening. This makes inserting fully loaded inner bags much easier and gives more legroom for passenger.
Pannier lid opens 180 degrees and provides place to store those things in a way when you are searching for something inside your pannier. Lid is also easily removable and serves as a convenient place to store bolts, tools and spare parts if you are repairing your bike roadside.
And all those edges are serving one purpose – to provide sufficient rigidity to be convenient to use and enough flexibility to protect your bike and yourself during crash.

Pannier shell is made of vacuum-formed and welded HDPE. This is unbreakable material which also has exceptional abrasion resistance. Same material is also used for making skidplates and engine protectors for motorcycles, ATV-s and cars. We have tested panniers loaded to 30kg (66lbs) by throwing them out of 100km/h moving car, after 10 tests they were still fully functional. And it stays so also after years of use, because HDPE is also UV- and fuelproof.

HDPE is tough, but it’s lighter than water. That allows us to make pannier that weigh only 2,4kg (5lbs), thats only half of common aluminum pannier weight and even lighter than some soft panniers. Set of two panniers means 5kg less weight!

Panniers have built-in plunger locks to protect your gear against thieves. Built-in plunger locks eliminate need for separate padlocks so common on aluminium panniers and are lockable in a second, only by push of the button.

No need to worry about your gear getting wet and no need for special waterproof innerbags or raincovers, so common with textile panniers. Special collar design and proper seals keep water away. It also means that you don’t need to take special care when cleaning your bike, wash your panniers with pressure washer if you like.

Have you arrived your bike, helmet in one hand, your gear bag in another and you need to put them somewhere, because you need both hands to open your pannier? No worries. Special design allows you to open pannier lid with only one hand.

Always struggling with packing your soft panniers? Tired of loosening and re-tightening several straps every time you need something? Forget it. Just open and close the lid. Flexible panniers are just as easy to use as aluminium panniers with toploader design, plus they don’t stain your gear with aluminium oxide.

Need to mount and remove panniers often? No problem, because with simple locking system only thing you need to do is push down or pull up locking hooks. No screwing inside panniers or fiddling with additional locks like with other pannier systems. And obviously removing panniers is only possible when pannier lids are unlocked.

Although our panniers are made to survive even hard crashes, things can break. Therefore are all components made easily removable and field replaceable. All parts are bolted and designed symmetrical when possible so you can reverse or swap them roadside if needed. Should you dent you pannier, it’s very easy to push all dents out from inside.

Too late to camping place? Forgot where you put your light? TARK panniers have incorporated headlamp mounts inside pannier lids so you can switch on the light as soon as you open the lid to make finding essential gear easier. Additionally is headlamp easily removable from mounts so you can use it also for making up your camp. Headlamp is not included, use your own favorite model!

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