Primus trekking stoves are ideal for those who enjoy trekking, whether it’s for the weekend or for several days away in the mountains. Gas stoves are easy to use and lightweight mountain gear and takes up little space in your backpack. Primus integrated stoves with burner, windscreen and pot with heat exchanger has an unsurpassed efficiency. This makes for rapid heating and low fuel consumption, which doesn’t just mean less fuel to carry, it also saves you money and has a minimal impact on the environment. With gas as fuel, you get safe handling, a soot-free combustion and low maintenance. Additionally, our gas is 100% CO2-compensated.

Primus has outdoor gas canisters in three different sizes so that you can customize the packing for your journey and avoid carrying unnecessary weight. Consider what type of food you will cook and how long you will be out. Remember that also the used gas containers must be carried during the entire trip.

Gas containers cannot be brought onto airplanes and in some remote countries it may be difficult to get hold of gas. In those cases, an expedition stove that runs also on liquid fuel is a good choice. On top of gas, Primus multifuel stoves can be used with chemical pure petrol, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet fuel.

This is also an advantage when in extremely low temperatures. When the temperature drops well below zero, the pressure in the gas container lowers, which limits the gas efficiency. Primus Winter Gas operates down to -22°C, but when that is not available or when temperatures are expected to go even lower, liquid fuel is your best choice.

Primus expedition stoves are designed for those looking for expedition gear with maximum reliability for extreme conditions. The weight of a liquid fuel stove is minimized without compromising on performance and durability. As the stoves are constructed with few and interchangeable parts, they are easily served out in the mountains. The controls are well proportioned and designed to be handled also with thick gloves.

As you have learnt, what kind of mountain, trekking or camping gear that suits you the most depends on the trips you plan but also on your personal preferences. Have a think about how and where you plan to use your stove

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