Beyond clouds – through Russia to Georgia

After experiencing russian hospitality, cold, wet and endless adventure we knew that next year we are going to look somewhere else.
I mean somewhere, where sun is shining and you don’t have to expect snow in August. And please not too much civilization! Hearing so many great stories about Georgia, it was clear that we must go there! Caucasus mountains, here we come!

Winter came and planning began. One criteria were certain – we have only two weeks for this trip. Most direct route from Estonia to Georgia is 3000km through Russia. But there was a war between Russia and Georgia not long time ago and only border crossing point between Russia and Georgia is Verkhni Lars, but no one knew is it only for locals or can we use it also. Using ferries from Ukraine to Georgia or Russia to Turkey was also not a good option because they have so flexible time schedule that nobody knows when a ferry will depart, not even talking about ticket price. And long route around Black Sea through Turkey is 5000km one way. Oh well…
But is it an adventure when nothing can go wrong and everything is planned to last details? Not for us at least.
Let’s drive through Russia as fast as we can and we can have more than one week for exploring Georgia. When we can cross the border of course.
There were other friends who promised to join us, but one after one all our buddies refused from participating this trip. Finally one month before planned start there was only two of us left – me and Jänx. Decision has to be made and while our vacations were already booked we decided to go. Getting double-entry russian visas was easy, two weeks and 60 Euros later we were ready to go. Georgia doesn’t require visas from Estonian citizens.
Sure there was million and one things to prepare before go and building a new set of panniers for my bike was one of the biggest for me. But last bag was sewed the same day we left and here we are, ready to start to our trip.

First day started actually just before sunset and was planned as an easy 250km across Estonia to Jänx summer cottage. It went without big surprises, only bad thing to notice was how slippery our brand-new Mitas E-07’s on wet tarmac are. It’s like driving on ice, not at all confidence inspiring. Surprisingly Jänx was not complaining so much that I already started to think it’s my brand-new luggage aerodynamics that causes this waving. But we hoped it will be ok after the first few hundred km’s.

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